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Your clutch is a vital component for your car. It not only facilitates smooth gear changes, it also controls the flow of power to your wheels. If your gear changes are crunching, or your car feels underpowered, call us.

We provide a full range of repairs, from the slave cylinder to the flywheel and clutch plate.


Components of a basic clutch:

  • Flywheel: Attached to the engine crankshaft, it rotates with the engine.
  • Clutch Plate: Sandwiched between the flywheel and the pressure plate. It has friction material on both sides and connects to the transmission input shaft.
  • Pressure Plate: Bolted to the flywheel and applies pressure to the clutch disc, ensuring it engages with the flywheel.
  • Clutch Release Bearing and Fork: Used to disengage the clutch by pulling the pressure plate away from the clutch disc when the clutch pedal is pressed

Proper maintenance and timely replacements are essential for a smooth-running clutch system.


An automatic clutch is part of a transmission system that engages and disengages the engine from the drivetrain without the driver needing to operate a clutch pedal. In simple terms:

  • Automatic Mechanism: Uses sensors and actuators to control clutch operation.
  • Seamless Shifting: Facilitates smoother gear transitions, ideal for city driving and reducing driver fatigue.
  • Components: Typically includes a torque converter (in many automatic transmissions), hydraulic or electronic control units, and sensors.
  • Operation: Automatically adjusts based on speed, engine load, and throttle position.
  • User-Friendly: Makes driving easier by eliminating the need for manual clutch engagement.

Overall, an automatic clutch enhances convenience and driving comfort.


A Direct-Shift Gearbox (DSG) is an advanced type of transmission that combines the benefits of a manual and an automatic gearbox. Here’s a brief breakdown:

DSG Clutches

  • Dual Clutches: DSG employs two separate clutches—one for odd-numbered gears and one for even-numbered gears.
  • Seamless Gear Changes: While one clutch is engaged with the current gear, the other clutch preselects the next gear. This allows for almost instantaneous gear shifts.
    • Types
  • Wet clutches (immersed in fluid for cooling and lubrication) are used for higher torque applications, while dry clutches are for lower torque requirements.
  • Construction: Combines two manual transmissions within one housing, controlled by a sophisticated computer system.
  • Operation: During driving, the system preselects the next gear anticipating the drive pattern, thus enabling seamless shifts without interrupting power flow.
    • Advantages
  • Faster shifting, improved fuel efficiency, and a smoother driving experience compared to traditional automatic transmissions.
  • Driving Modes: Often includes both fully automatic mode and manual mode (via paddle shifters or gear lever).
  • Maintenance: Typically requires more frequent maintenance than traditional automatics due to its complexity

The DSG gearbox and clutches offer high-performance, efficiency, and the convenience of an automatic with the engagement of a manual transmission.


Whether it’s a minor repair or a complete rebuild, our expert team is ready to restore your gearbox to peak performance. Contact us today to schedule your gearbox repair service.

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